Operating devices

Whether permanently mounted on the machine or as a mobile hand-held device – our operating devices offer the perfect complement to the control units and are characterized by good operability and robustness. The requirements to be met are as varied as the areas of application – this also applies to our operator interfaces. Whether a simple device without display or with color TFT, whether aluminum milling housing or injection molding made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, CAN, RS232, USB, ISObus and even GPS: Our operator interfaces are oriented to your needs!

Please note: The products shown here are part of our current product family and usually developed for specific application scenarios. If needed, we can gladly make design changes for you and develop the necessary software to meet changed requirements. If you are missing functions or features for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly try to meet your requirements with adaptations of existing devices or new developments!

Balercontrol 4 Bediengerät

Bediengerät IV

Our Bediengerät IV is designed for fixed mounting on industrial equipment or in operator stands and impresses with its high performance combined with a robust design and good operability. The housing is milled from solid aluminum and thus extremely robust against external mechanical impact. For the operating concept, emphasis was placed on the fact that inputs can be made in different ways depending on the situation: Input is possible using the rotary/pushbutton on the side, the backlit membrane keypad, and directly via the touchscreen. The powerful processor communicates externally via CAN, RS232 or USB. There are also several video inputs and outputs for cameras and monitors.

ID-Link Advanced

As the most modern variant of the handheld devices, the ID-Link Advanced is characterized by its 3.2″ TFT color display and additional functions such as USB and GPS. The ergonomic design of its predecessors is retained here.

ID-Link Advanced_freigestellt

Balercontrol III-Bediengerät

These operating devices are used for the operation of machines in agricultural engineering. Due to their ergonomically optimized shape, they fit comfortably in the hand. The fully graphic-capable LC display provides an easy-to-understand visualization of machine states. Operation is via the membrane keypad, which is designed according to your specifications. Both the keypad and the display are backlit so that they can be easily read at night. Communication with the machine control takes place via CAN bus. The fully graphic-capable LC display provides an easy-to-understand visualization of machine states. The backlighting ensures good readability at all times. Operation is via the membrane keypad designed according to your specifications. Communication with the machine control is via CAN bus.

Sidehill BG

The Sidehill BG is used to monitor and control the position control of vehicles. In conjunction with the associated sensor unit, a 2-axis position detection is performed in the form of an electronic spirit level. Subsequently, a position adjustment is carried out by means of a hydraulic control.

Sidehill BG_freigestellt
BG Ziegler_freigestellt

Operating and control unit for rotary mower and windrower

For the operation of rotary mowers and windrowers this handy device was developed. It combines the operation of the machine via keys with a display via the status LEDs integrated in the membrane keypad.

An integrated microprocessor system converts the operator’s input and the information from the connected sensors (inductive proximity switches, hydraulic pressure sensors, angle encoders) into the required control of the machine hydraulics. Sensor inputs and switching outputs are available for this purpose. By potting the electronics, a high degree of robustness against external mechanical influences is achieved.